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Sex & Sexuality

What is sexuality? In its broadest sense "sexuality" describes the whole way a person goes about expressing himself or herself as a sexual being. It describes how important sexual expression is in a person's life, how one chooses to express that sexuality, and any preference one may have towards the type of sexual partner [...]

Mahaba Ya Mwendokasi

Natamani kuwachanaa..itikia wachaneee…natamani kusemaaa….piga keleleeee, si unajua weekend ndio hii hapa…na mahaba yetu ya mwendokasi tuna shida basi? Hivi sijasalimia enh? Haya wazima nyie? Mko poa? Leo naongelea mahaba ya mwendo kasi…yaani yale mautundu yaliopitiliza hadi tunasahau kuwa kuna magonjwa na kufikishana vileleni na mimba zisizokubaliwa. So funga mkanda nisikilize basi. Kama tendo la ubakaji [...]

The IUD: A Tiny Device With a Huge Impact

This is not your mother’s IUD. The world of intrauterine devices (IUDs), like so much in the 21st century, has progressed rapidly. With a wide variety of size, configurations and mechanics of action, the IUD now offers one of the most effective (99% efficacy), cost-effective and reversible family planning options. Indeed, the tiny IUD is [...]

The Higher Education Initiative (HEI): 7 Years Of Helping University Students Stay Healthy

The Higher Education Initiative (HEI), DKT’s set of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) activities for Ethiopian university students, enters its seventh year of activity this year. Since 2009, HEI has worked closely with university administrations and student populations across the country to deliver high-quality SRH programming. HEI’s outputs to date have been impressive: - 1,300 mass [...]


With global incidence of HIV leveling off and even increasing in some areas, concerted effort is required to sustain gains. Ethiopia’s success dealing with HIV/AIDS is one of the shining examples globally. From 1999 to 2015, prevalence decreased from 3.4% to 1.2%, earning Ethiopia the designation of a country with “rapid decline” of the [...]

IUD – Avoids Urgency. Averts Pregnancy.

 After marriage the time comes to love and to be loved. Every couple might have an independent idea with respect to family planning. Normally, women use contraceptive pills to simply avoid pregnancies and sometimes use emergency contraceptives to escape unwanted pregnancy. These incidences happen quite often and are considered common. More importantly, marriages that [...]

Using Social Media For ‘Sexy’ Family-Planning Social Marketing

Chris Purdy, the president of DKT International in Washington D.C., is used to people saying something like, “Oh, you’re in social marketing, you must work with Facebook.” Yes, DKT does utilize Facebook — along with the whole gamut of other social media and traditional marketing levers — to inform women and men about family planning [...]

7 Birth Control Options You Need to Know

Choosing a new method of birth control can be a little daunting. It’s possible you’ve heard some pretty wild stories about contraception — everybody responds differently to different types of hormones, so a method that works well for you might not agree with a friend (and vice versa). Luckily, there are some really great birth control methods out there, each [...]

Using Regional Approaches to Solve Social Problems: Taking a Page from the Private Sector Playbook

International nonprofits often face a quandary when seeking to work in countries with small populations. The cost of setting up an office in Benin (population 10 million) is essentially the same as setting one up in neighboring Nigeria (173 million). Expenses related to back office support, key staff and regulatory/legal issues tend to have a [...]

Social Marketing Increasingly Makes Contraceptive Impact on Africa

One of the most consequential decisions a couple can make is when and if to have children. This determination reverberates on education, income, health and general well-being for the family, children and community at large. This is certainly true in sub-Saharan Africa where the percentage of married women using modern contraception is only 25%, compared [...]